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A Matter of Good Taste

The MB Food Group is comprised of five industrial complexes, all dedicated to providing high-quality food and beverage to consumers in the region.

One of our best-known brands is “Oranga”, the first locally manufactured powder juice, and has made its mark as one of the leading brands in Sudan, despite influx of international brands.

Best Complex has one of the most technologically advanced facilities and production sites in Sudan, producing (UHT) cow milk, yoghurt, juice, and tomato paste. The facility operates on the highest international standards of health and hygiene.

Another major facility specializes in manufacturing soft drinks is known for producing some of the leading brands like, Champion, Rich Cola and Vita.

The group has a wide variety of snacks, fast foods, macaroni & noodles, and cakes, some of the brands are Krunch Corn, Rich Potato Chips, Althuraya macaroni and noodles, Nice and Rich cakes. Were as our fifth complex produces sesame sweets products “Tahniya”, biscuits and powdered milk


The first and leading malt beverage in the country. Made with the finest ingredients, our refreshing malt beverage delivers delicious taste.


With a full lineup of refreshing drinks, we satisfy huge consumers in our wide reach.


We supply a range of Fresh juice, which are full of vitamins and nutrients.


Oranga is the leading brand in powdered beverage in Sudan. This fresh drink is available in a variety of fruit flavors that are rich in vitamins.


Our Best Milk brand is known for its fresh taste of pure cow’s milk. It is rich in vitamins, proteins, and calcium, keeping you and your family healthy and strong. In our Ultra High Temperature (UHT) facility, Long Life Milk is produced in full fat, low fat and sweetened.


Our increasingly popular Best Yoghurt has become part of our daily lives and nothing is better to have for your family than a fresh pack of Best Yoghurt. Made from natural, fresh cow’s Milk, our tasty Yoghurts are the perfect choice.


Both brands come as Whole Milk Powder and as Skimmed Milk Powder.


Our Yoghurt Drink is delicious, healthier and specially formulated to promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Filled with goodness of Probiotic Cultures and blended together with real fruit juice, it is a delicious and convenient way to get your daily boost of Probiotics for a healthy digestive system. It’s the healthier choice to quench your thirst!

We are known for our two successful brands.


The original Captain Majid is uniquely delicious that makes it undisputed king of biscuits in the country.


One second brand is the infamous Glucose Biscuit that is yummy, crunchy and distinctively tasty.

Corn  and Potato Chips

Can you resist the great taste? Our Chips are must on the shopping list.

Sweets that melt in your mouth

Al Zaraftain tea

We hand pick the finest and freshest tea leaves, sourced from the finest Kenyan tea gardens, the high grown leaves provide a delicate tea blend.

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