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In 2005, we began our journey as a small-scale producer in response to the increasing demand for high-quality products. Since then, our agricultural group has experienced remarkable growth and we aim to become Sudan’s leading land development and production company by 2025.
Our model is built on prioritizing excellence and sustainability. As a result, we not only contribute to the prosperity of our partners and employees but also to that of our customers and suppliers.
With over 250,000 feddans of productive farmland, we are among the largest landowners in Sudan. We grow a wide range of crops such as Sesame, Sorghum, Wheat, sunflower, Cotton, Maize, Soybean and many more.
To ensure year-round maximum productivity, we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery required for various stages of production, from land preparation to harvesting.
Our comprehensive logistics structure ensures that our operations are streamlined for maximum efficiency, from production to final delivery.



The MOB Altite project is situated near Altite village, a location 30 km south of Dongola, the capital of Northern State. The project’s land is located above the Nubian Aquifer, which is the world’s largest water aquifer. This fertile land is well-suited for growing a variety of crops, including alfalfa, wheat, corn, maize, watermelon seeds, peanuts, and fruit trees.
Our technical expertise, combined with the fertile land, enables us to produce high-quality crops with a high yield.
The project encompasses 35,000 feddan and utilizes 90 central pivot irrigation systems with vertical pumps, which draw water from the world’s largest underground water source. In addition, we are in the process of installing another 100 central pivot irrigation systems.


The Arabian Ranches farm is situated in Al-Jazeera State, which is only 30 kilometers south of Khartoum State, providing the farm with a strategically advantageous location in close proximity to both central Khartoum and Al-Jazeera States. The project is primarily engaged in the production of green forage, specifically “Rodes Grass.”
The farm spans 5,000 feddan and features eighteen (18) central pivot irrigation systems that utilize horizontal pumps drawing water from nearby canals. The project has already commenced production and is currently exporting its output.


The project is situated in Abu Niaamah, which is positioned on the western bank of the Blue Nile in Sinnar state, approximately 450 kilometers south of Khartoum. The location is conveniently connected to the main network of asphalt roads as well as the national railway network.
The project covers an expansive 35,000 feddan and specializes in the cultivation of cotton, which has achieved remarkable yields and set records in Sudan. Additionally, we also produce sesame, sorghum, maize, and forages.
As a rain-fed area, the project has the advantage of supplementary irrigation facilitated by vertical pumps drawing water from the Blue Nile River. This will allow us to harvest two seasons

MOB Al Nuba – Al Jazeerah State

The project is located in Al-Jazeera state. With 5,000 feddans, the project utilizes two types of irrigation:

  •  Twelve (12) Central Pivots, that uses horizontal pumps from nearby canals and additional 10 under process; and
  •  Surface Irrigation, which uses canals as source of water. The project is currently in production and exporting

Al Burgaig Project

Al Burgaig Project is a 4,000 feddans land located north of Dongola state with 25 central pivot irrigation system in installation.

When complete the project will produce Potato and range of Beans and Fruits.

Um Jawaseer Project

This strategic project is 50,000 feddans that is currently under development.

When completed the project will have 200 central pivots system irrigation installed to produce peanuts, fruits, vegetables and wheat.


Projects for Mixed Agriculture & Animal Production

The group owns and operates number of agriculture projects in west oddurman, These projects mainly produce various citrus trees and fruits.

Al Yanboa for Mixed Agriculture

The 7,000 Feddan Project is located 43Km from the center of Omdurman.

Al Tomaniyat Farm

Located in Khartoum state south of Al Jaily. The farm has one of the most advanced tissue laboratories in the country. The lab will be operational in fourth quarter this year. Various fruits and vegetables are produced

Um Doam Farm

Located in Khartoum state. The project produces fruits and vegetables.


Prestige for Mixed Agriculture & Animal Feed

The group owns livestock feeding farm. The project is built over phases, phase one is now operational and on target to achieve capacity of 80,000

The farm is located 40 Km from the center of Omdurman. The project produces number of vegetables in state of the art greenhouses. Tomatoes and Cucumber are mainly grown.

Agriculture Industry

Ginning Factory

The Cotton Ginning Factory is located in Kassan in Sinnar state.

The factory produces plume cotton as a primary product. The Ginning Factory has two cotton-processing units that boast an impressive capacity of 22 tons per hour.

Cottonseeds are a secondary product. it is rich in oil and contains high protein

Tahina & Tahniya Factory

The factory is located at Moawia El Berier Group Industrial Complex in Al Bagair Industrial Area.

The factory uses advanced machinery to produce cleaned hulled sesame in addition to Tahina G Tahniya.

Best Dairy & Juice Factory

Best Dairy & Juice Factory Complex has one of the most technologically advanced facilities and production sites in
Sudan, producing (UHT) cow milk, yoghurt and juice.

The facility operates to the highest international standards of health and hygiene.

Al Aaelah Oil Mill

Located in the heart of Omdurman industrial Area, Al Aaelah Oil Mill has placed itself as a landmark in the milling industry, Cotton seeds are taken from our farmlands to produce oil. The residual cake is used as animal feed.

The Mill has a capacity of 300 Tons per day and plans has started to install additional 300 Tons

Al Maedah Animal Feed and meat Production

The 1,300 feddan project is located in Khartoum State west Omdurman.

The project has an Animal feed factory that is currently under development. When completed, the factory will be able to produce different types of animal feeds for cattle, sheep, and poultry.

The factory will produce high-quality rich ingredient feed and targets to serve with local and regional markets